Teen Mom

I confess. I am a Teen Mom JUNKIE! I just can’t get enough.

I am definitely going to miss the original cast.

Left to Right {Leah, Amber, Sophia, Farrah, Catelynn, Bentley, and Maci}

If you don’t watch Teen Mom, then you probably don’t know what I am talking about.. The original cast just finished their last season on air. ): WAHHH! There is talk about some of them having their own show, though. So let’s hope for that! I record every episode and watch them when I am going to bed. I just finished watching the season finale of the original cast. I have some very strong opinions about these girls. Now, these are just my opinions. If you don’t like it, I’m not sorry, then don’t read it. Also, don’t get me wrong, as a teen mom myself, yes it’s hard raising a child, but would I change it for the world? Absolutely not. Do I feel like I am missing out on some things that my friends are having fun doing? Sometimes, but I still wouldn’t change a single thing. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Do I feel like a loner because most of my friends are off to college and I’m not? Yes, but I can go to college here. I just don’t wanna… :/ I HATE it! I went last semester and it just about killed me.

Now, on to what I was gonna say.. I will start out with Amber. She is my LEAST favorite of the TMOC {Teen Mom Original Cast}. I just want to punch her in the throat every time she comes on. I think her and Gary should have ended her relationship YEARS ago! They are not good for each other. Amber is CRAZY and extremely abusive. Does Gary egg it on? In my opinion, very rarely. I understand that there are two sides to every story and we only see what the producers want us to see, but I cannot even imagine Gary as this ginormous {literally} monster that Amber makes him out to be. He is such a good dad to Leah and he really does only want what’s best for her. And Amber.. if you didn’t want Leah to forget about you, you should have thought about that when you chose not to go to rehab and now you’re sitting in jail for the next five years. Way to go. Oh, and you are SO FLIPPING DRAMATIC!! This is why I just want to punch her in the throat.

This is a screenshot from {Google} when she was on the phone with Gary and they were talking about going to court the next day and Gary told Amber that she could not see Leah that day. She started hyperventilating and then fell over on the bed. Seriously biotch? OMG!

And she barely opens her eyes. I wonder how she sees anything.. Especially with all that make-up piled on.

Ugh. Enough about her.. On to Farrah. My next LEAST favorite of the TMOC.

I understand that she did have some major tragedies in her life, with Derek dying and her mom hitting her, etc., etc. But that gives her absolutely NO right to talk to the way and act the way she does to her parents. She calls her dad by his name, not dad. She TELLS them what they are going to do, instead of asking. She gets so defensive if they ever ask her anything or tell her something she doesn’t want to hear. And let me remind you that her parents BEND OVER BACKWARDS for her and Sophia. She’s a pretty good mom, from what we are shown, but the disrespect towards her parents is what makes me not like her. And don’t get me wrong, I have disrespected my parents MANY times in my day, but I am sorry and I’ve said sorry and we move on. I am so much more grateful now and I truly appreciate all that my parents do for me. Oh, and Farrah has the ugliest crying face.

This is when she is talking about her getting dumped on the show. I can’t blame the dude. I was surprised he stuck with you for that long. I woulda left your bum a LONG time ago! She’s so pushy. She was basically telling him that he needed to marry her after only one month of them dating.

I wish Farrah the best of luck in all she does. I really do. She’s definitely not my favorite, but she’s doing what she feels is best. She went to school, got her degree and she does have big dreams for herself. If she would start to appreciate the things that people do for her {especially her parents}, then I would probably start to like her more. And I give her props for doing this without the help from a spouse/partner. I can’t imagine what raising Karsyn would be like without Kade.

Next up is Catelynn. I love her and Tyler. They chose to give their baby, Carly, up for adoption. I think they made the right choice, although, I could never imagine myself giving up my baby, no matter the circumstance. But that’s just me being selfish. Catelynn and Tyler are a very down-to-earth couple. I admire them. They’ve gone through some REALLY TOUGH stuff. I can’t even fathom what it would be like. Carly has a great life and they get to see her once a year. They’ve set a wedding date and I can’t wait to see what it will be like. I am really proud of them. They have come a long way! They both are going to school to be counselors to help people/teens. I know they will be so good at that.

They’ve come a long way and I hope they can be together forever. I wish them the best of luck, as well. And I know one day, when they are ready, they will make fabulous parents and their child{ren} will be really lucky to have them as their mom and dad.

Lastly, is my most favorite girl of the TMOC.. Maci. Oh, Maci. (:

If I could meet any of these girls, I would choose Maci, HANDS DOWN!

She is a GREAT mom! And I LOVE Bentley, too. He’s one of the cutest little boys! I love his accent. You should hear the way he says “I LUH YEW!” So precious. Maci is so down-to-earth and she has a good head on her shoulders. She was the rebel child that was young and in love and then got pregnant. Her and Ryan tried to work things out, but Ryan was a D-Bag, so they called it quits. Now, I do think it’s sad that they split, not so much for their sake, but for Bentley’s, but it’s better this way. It’s better to have two happy homes than one miserable one. Ryan has grown up a lot since the first season, but he’s still kind of an idiot. He still lives at home and I’m sure his mom still does his laundry, cleans his room, makes his bed, picks out his clothes, and so on. I hope Maci has her own show so I can continue to watch her journey. She’s a strong girl and she pulled her head out and stepped up when she needed to. She’s a fantastic mom. And I admire her for all of those things. I can relate to her a lot. I hope her and Kyle stay together, get married, and have a baby! (:

That’s my take on the TMOC! Hopefully Teen Mom 2 will start soon because I don’t know what I’m gonna do on Tuesday nights anymore……………….

Do you watch Teen Mom? Was I out of line by saying some of these things? Do you feel the same way I do? I’d love to know your thoughts!







Jewelry Swap

A few weeks ago, Life of a not so Ordinary Housewife had sign-ups for a jewelry swap party! If you know me, I LOVE jewelry! {Hence the reason why I sell it!} After we had signed up, we were assigned a buddy to swap with, but the same buddy I sent jewelry to, was not the going to be the same one that was sending me jewelry. Anywho.. My buddy was Rachel from Life in the Moment. {You can see what I sent her by clicking that link.} Just a few days ago, I received a package in the mail from Danette!

When I opened it up, there was a cute envelope and something big and lumpy! I knew it was my jewelry from the swap! When her business card fell out, I thought “Why is Carrie Underwood on her business card?” I just figured it was an advertisement from the company that she got her cards from or something… Until I looked at her site. That is her! On the card. That is Danette! I was shocked. She looks just like Carrie Underwood.
Then I dug a little further and pulled out the big, lumpy piece!

Isn’t she a beauty?

I already wore her once!

Thanks Danette! And thanks to Melissa and Kendall for hosting such an awesome swap! I’m looking forward to the next one!

{P.S. If you haven’t entered my giveaway, be sure you do! It ends next Tuesday!}

Spray Painted Picture Frame

The last gift I made for their wedding present was the picture frame. You’re probably thinking.. “Why in the heck did you do it red, black, and white instead of white, black, and green?” I did it because their room is in thodr colors and I knew they could use something cute in there.

I bought the frame at Walmart for $2.97. It has a stand in the back, so it can be hung or just sat on a dresser or table or something. And I forgot to take a picture BEFORE I started painting it, so forgive me. But you get the idea of what it looked like. Just plain wood. I wanted to spray it white first because I knew the red would show up on it better than white showing on red, if you get what I mean.  I sprayed it all white and then left it dry for a little while.

I didn’t take very many pictures because I kept forgetting, but what I did after I sprayed it white and let it dry was measure how big I wanted my stripes, then I put a piece of tape over the place where I wanted a white stripe. In my case, I just did the stripes as big as the tape, so I placed two pieces of tape all the way around the frame. Then I sprayed it red. I made sure to spray the sides as well so the stripes would carry over. I would recommend using painters tape, rather than just packing tape.. haha. Mine did bleed a little, which sucked, but whatever. “It gives it character,” as Kade would say.

I let the red paint dry before I peeled the tape off and once I pulled the tape off, this is what it looked like. You can see the little places where the paint bled, dang it! I probably should have sprayed it a little more, too, to make sure that it was all even, but I was in a hurry, so this is not the best. Sorry. Forgive me?

Then I took it in the house and added some glitter letters to spell their last name. I got the letters in the scrapbook section at Walmart for .97 for a bag of 50 or so letters. They also have them in white, but I thought black would look fab.

The glue hadn’t completely dried yet on the N, so nevermind that.

What do you think??

{If you missed how I made any of the other gifts, you can check them out here: cups, plate, and jar of dates.


Jar of Dates

Today, I am going to show you how I made the cute Jar of Dates! I was inspired by this on Pinterest.

What you’ll need:
*List of dates {you can make up your own or find a HUGE list of them here}
*Scissors or paper trimmer

First of all, I printed out all 17 pages of dates from here.

Some of the dates were really long and some were really short. A lot of them had another link attached for you to view more ideas on the date.

Then I cut up all the dates. Then I folded them and shoved them in the jar!

The jar was very full!

As you can see, I added some zebra and lime green sparkly, polka dot ribbon to the top and tied it into a pretty bow. I made the tag in Word and printed it, then cut it out and glued it on to some zebra paper. Then I just put double-sided tape on the jar and stuck on the tag! {If you do a can instead of a jar, you can find super cute, pre-designed labels here.}

And there you have yourself a pretty little, overflowing Jar of Dates!

So now you have seen how to do the cups, the plate, and now this!

Tomorrow I will show you how I did the frame!

Personalized Plate for $1

Today, I am writing about how I made that cute song plate.

If you have missed the last two posts, catch up with them here to see why I made these and here to see how to do the cups.

You will need:

Set your oven to 150. You can draw/doodle/write while the oven is heating up.

I decided to write “their” song on it. Never Gonna Be Alone by Nickelback.

I looked up the lyrics, just to make sure I was getting every single word correct, even though I basically know this song by heart.. For two reasons.. 1 – Because I just love this song. 2 – This was the song played at Kade’s prom, so we listened to it only 185,083,850,568 times while practicing the dance.

I ended up having a little bit of white space {literally} in the middle and it looked a little lame if I just left it like that, so I drew a heart and wrote their names on one side and their wedding date on the other.

When you are finished drawing on the plate, stick it in the oven for 30 minutes. This will make it more permanent than it already is. It should be dishwasher safe.

**The plate looks like I never messed up {in fact, Matt was surprised that I “didn’t” mess up one time} but I really did. I just realized it quickly and rubbed it off. So don’t fret if you mess up! It comes off, but you just have to act fast!

The possibilities are endless on what you can draw/doodle/write on here.

I got this plate at the Dollar Tree and I already had the sharpies, so the total cost of this gift was $1! It would be nice if you included a stand for the plate to sit on. You can get them at Wal-mart for like $3. I’m sure they have some at Michaels, Jo Ann’s, and Hobby Lobby, but our town isn’t cool enough to have any of those stores.

So now you have seen how to do the cups and the plate.

Tomorrow I will show you how to do the Jar of Dates!

Personalized Cups for $2!

If you missed yesterday’s post, you should go check it out because then you will understand why I made these cups!

They were SO simple!

Here’s what you’ll need:

{I chose these cups because their wedding theme was zebra and lime green.}

Set your oven to 150 and let it heat up while you draw.

Then you just draw/write whatever your pretty little {or big?} heart desires. As you can see, I wrote “His” and “Hers.” It was really hard to write it right there because I couldn’t get my hand inside of the cup. So it’s kinda shaky and doesn’t look so good, but it gives it character.. Right?

I also added their names to the bottom of the cup to spruce up the outside a little.

When you are all done drawing/doodling/writing on your cup, stick it in your oven and let it “bake” for 30 minutes. This will make the marker more permanent than it already was.

Easy, right?

I bought the cups at the Dollar Store for $1 each and I already had the Sharpies, so this only cost me $2! Score!

Tomorrow I will show you how I did the plate!

Five Personal Wedding Gifts

Last weekend, one of my best friends ever had her reception. She got married in January, but just in the court house. So needless to say, it wasn’t a very big event. Anyway, she had this reception up at Fish Lake. It was so pretty!

This is what I gave her and her husband.

I made each of those gifts. I like things that are personal and actually mean something. Plus, I didn’t know what to get them because they have been married since January and have lived together since before then, so I couldn’t think of anything else that they needed.

I will post tutorials on how I made each of these throughout the week, but I just wanted to give you something to look forward to over here!

All wrapped up! Keep checking back to see how I made the frame, the Jar of Dates, the cups, the plate, and the necklace!

Monster Party

So… lately, I have been on a kick of planning for Karsyn’s FIRST birthday party! I’ve still got until the end of October until his actual birthday, but I can’t help myself! It makes me sad that he’s already almost that old, but I love watching him grow each and every day. He’s at such a fun stage right now, but I know the best is yet to come.. So I am going to share a few of my MUST do’s with you in this post, but you can see ALL of my ideas here.

I just LOVE this picture frame! He will look so cute inside of there. Plus, it makes for a great halloween decoration. {source}

How cute are these?! Can’t you even tell what it is? (; PLAY DOUGH!! {source}

I love this idea for cups! These will probably be for the “big kids” aka ADULTS! The youngins will have bottle drinks so they don’t spill as easily. {source}

I also plan on having a penant banner, a cute monster cake, some cupcakes, maybe a photo booth, maybe a bean bag toss, and lots of other things I just haven’t thought of yet!

If you have anything MONSTER inspired, please share! (:

New Jewelry and Clothes!!

Hello peeps! I haven’t forgot about you! I swear. I just haven’t had any time lately. We’ve been busy with weddings, bull riding, and just life!

Anyway, I just wanted to show you some new stuff that I have posted on my website!

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Many of the items are limited! They range in price from $12-$25!

If you become a friend of Jourdan’s Jewels on Facebook, you see sales available only for Facebook fans, coupon codes, and you will always know about the new arrivals!

Pizza Roll-Ups

Here is another SUPER EASY and QUICK recipe! They are also SO delish!! Yummmm!

What you will need:
*8 Cresent Rolls
*4 string cheese
*About 32 pepperoni slices

Heat your oven according to the directions on the cresent roll package. {Mine was 375.}

Open each cresent roll and place 4 pepperoni slices on each. As you can see, I did two on top and two down the middle. Then tear a string cheese in half and place it at the top of the roll.

The roll up the little babies! You don’t have to seal all the cracks this time. Then cook according to your cresent roll packages. {I did 12 minutes.}

Once they are done, eat them up!!! You can dip them in something yummy, like ranch or marinara if you like it!

Let me know if you try them and what you dipped them in. Or if you just ate them how they were, like I did!