Monday Fun Day!

How about that title? Does anyone agree with me???

Didn’t think so..

This week is a SUPER BUSY one for me, so in last nights post, I said I would have lots of fun things to post.. Well, I might have lied.. I will shoot for NEXT week to post all my fun! I am really pumped for this week though.. I love to be busy.

Here’s the agenda:
8:30 a.m.: Nail appointment. I haven’t had my nails done in like two years! The last time I had them done was for Prom! They are so stinkin’ cute though!! I love them. But they are a little longer than I was planning on. And they are SO hard to get used to. You basically have to re-learn how to do EVERYTHING. I had to wake up this morning about 7:45 so I could get semi-ready before I went, although I still did go in my PJs. What did I do? You ask. I got up. Pulled my hair back. Put a headband in. Ate some cake. Drank a Mountain Dew. And checked Facebook. I think I may have a problem. I had to wake Karsyn up so he could go to my moms house while I got them done. Then once we got home, I couldn’t get him out of his carseat because I couldn’t push the flippin’ button down to undo the straps. I tried pulling him out every way I could think of, but he just cried and I felt bad because I was hurting him and couldn’t get him out. So, I had to think of something and quick! I hadn’t held him all morning! I took him right out of bed, into the carseat, and to my mom! I was missing my baby and I could tell he was missing me! I got my bottle cap hole punchers and pushed down on the button as hard as I could and finally got him out! Thank goodness. Typing this post is another story. I have had to backspace more in the last five minutes than I have this whole month. And thank goodness my phone has a translator so I can just SAY my texts and it will type it for me because I CANNOT push those tiny buttons with these long nails!! Making jewelry with these suckers should be a good time.


6:30 – Janis’ bridal shower. I still have to go to the store to get her gift. And I’ve known about this for about two weeks now. She has pretty much everything she needs and so does her fiance, so the theme is “Food Storage.” With the invites, we got two recipe cards and were told to write two of our favorites and then bring the ingredients that go along with the recipe. That’s easy enough. I wrote my moms famous Chicken Enchiladas and Zesty Italian Chicken. I will post the recipes for those in the future.. Maybe next week when Kade is home and I have a reason to make dinner.

Here in Utah, we celebrate the 24th of July just like the 4th. We have parades, booths, fireworks, the whole shebang. I LOVE the 24th of July. One of my favorite holidays. So I am really excited for that. The parade in the morning, then looking around at all the booths afterward. Then going to my grandma/pa’s house for a yearly family dinner. Then after that, I am going to the Buckin For Bucks! Some of my family is in charge of it and I think my brothers may be riding a bull!!! Woohoo!! Can’t wait. Then of course, the fireworks when it’s dark!

Janis’ wedding. That will be an all day thing. I will get to see all of my dads side of the fam!

I will be heading to Salt Lake with Karsyn and my cousin Hadleah for Perfectly Posh‘s First Annual Convention!



I have been waiting for this week for MONTHS now!! It’s finally here. I can’t wait to learn more about this awesome company that I am working for, as well as meeting the founders, hanging out with my team, shopping, and of course all of the goodies we will be getting!!


Stay tuned for pix to come from everything!! I hope you are all having a fabulous Monday! (:

Do you have nails? Is it hard adjusting to them when you get them done? Are you a procrastinator, like me?


So, what do ya think?

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