Lazy Sunday

In our neck of the woods, Sundays are usually lazy days where we sit around in our PJ’s ALL day. We don’t do our hair. We don’t wipe off yesterdays make-up. We leave dishes on the counter and the sink, more often than not – unrinsed. We leave toys on the floor to trip over. We don’t pick up the clothes we left on the floor from Saturday. We have blankets and pillows covering the couch. We just don’t do a whole lot of anything! I like it that way.. Although, it does add to the “fun” of Monday!

Now that I have mentioned a long list of things we don’t do, I will admit to a few things we do – do.. {Am I contradicting myself here?} I usually make a treat of some kind. Today I made a Devil’s Food cake topped with the Creamy Coconut frosting. YUM! And I totally spaced out on taking a picture. Dang it. Fail! I usually do a load or two of laundry, but I ALWAYS end up re-doing it on Monday because I left it in the washer all day, so they stink. I think I have started to learn my lesson. That would explain the overflowing dirty clothes hamper. And lastly, we usually go to one of our parents house for dinner. We used to be really good at going each week, rotating back and forth between my mom and Kade’s moms house, but with Kade’s crazy work schedule, we just go when we can. Kade had to go back to work last night, so it was just me and Karsy all day! We were bored this afternoon, so we went to my moms and hung out for a few hours. Then we came home and played together. I love my son more than words can describe!! Image

Excuse the crappy quality of the picture. It was dark and I used my phone. Anyway, we had fun reading books, playing with Chuck the Dump Truck and other toys, and most of all, just lovin’ each other!! He’s such a momma’s boy. That is a good and bad thing!

What do you do on Sunday’s? Do you have any special traditions? Family dinner?? Church? Do you stay in your PJ’s all day??

P.S. I will be posting some fun stuff this week! I can’t wait!

P.P.S. I linked up to The Foley Fam‘s Sunday Funday party with my Elk Farm story! Show her some love!


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