Elk Farm

Last night, my boyfriend’s brother came up for his class reunion. We hung out at the “in-laws” house and ate dinner and just sat in the back yard talking. Then this morning, we went back over for breakfast. My “mother-in-law” made waffles and butter cream syrup {which is THE. Best. Syrup. EVER}. Then after that we went to visit a local Elk farm.Image

They have quite a few Elk there. As you can see, their horns are growing well, but they have such small bodies! I thought it was kinda weird.



This one here had a very large drop tine. I tried to get a picture of it looking at me, but every time I did, it went back down!


One last pic! They also had some baby ones with no horns and some cow elk as well, but they weren’t as cool, so I didn’t take their picture.

Have you ever been to an Elk farm before? Do you even know what an Elk farm is? What did you think of this?


So, what do ya think?

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