Finger Snapper

I totally SCORED on a deal today from Finger Snapper!! I am so excited to receive this! If you haven’t subscribed to a Daily Deal website, you NEED to! You can get some really awesome items for 30-90% off. I subscribe to about 5 Daily Deal sites. While checking my emails this morning, I came across these:


EVERYTHING in the picture is what you receive for ONLY $8.99 plus shipping, which was $4.95. You can get up to 8 of them and the shipping still stays the same!! These would be SO fun for craft time with your friends, family, etc. I have never thought of using all FOUR sides of the block! PLUS, you don’t have to worry about cutting out your vinyl or going to someone with a Cricut or a Silhouette. All four of them come in the pack! You just get to decorate it how you would like to. Craftiness, here I come!!

If you would like to score one of these sets, click here.

If you would like to subscribe to Finger Snapper, click here.


So, what do ya think?

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